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Paint coatings packaging machine packing scale

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Paint coatings packaging machine packing scale

Coatings, paints,resin fluid quantitative filling

Paint PackagingMachine basic parameters:

         ◆ maximum capacity: 30kg

         ◆ The minimum amount of sense: 10g

         ◆ Filling error: ± 10-20g(depending on the filling speed)

         ◆ Filling speed: 100-150 bbl / h (depending onfeed flow rate)

         ◆ Suitable container: ≤Ф350xh500mm small mouth barrels, open barrels

         ◆ Explosion-proof grade: EXdiaIIBT4

         ◆ Power supply: AC220 / 50Hz

         ◆ Using gas source: 0.4-0.8Mpa

         ◆ Operating temperature: -10 ℃ -40 ℃

         ◆ control: 2 pneumatic control block filling,with a pneumatic capping machine

         ◆ The filling: bucket, pail filling mouth

         ◆ weighing table size: 400 × 400mm

         ◆ staging table: 400 × 1000mm

         ◆ Structure Material: SUS304 stainless steel

         ◆ tip line: SUS304 stainless steel andtetrafluoroethylene (optional 316L)

         ◆ Material Interface: DN40 quick pagoda joints,Optional Flange Adapters

         ◆ Air Interface: 8mm pipe access


Coatingspackaging machine workflow:

         Artificialset barrel, press {Start}- valve automatically inserted- automatic tare -Automatic dual filling- when finish automatically raise the filling valve-artificial error detection display under the barrel

System Features:

         ■ The entire system of explosion-proofstandards for manufacturing, explosion-proof grade: EXdiaIIBT4

         ■ control system adopts PLC programmablecontroller production, stable and reliable, long life

         ■ Paint coatings packaging  machine ues unique design, unarmed quick disassembly, easy maintenance

         ■ PTFE sealing systems are manufactured,solvent, acid, long life

         ■ The system uses two-stage feed size automaticfilling methods, to improve accuracy

         ■ hand filling head height adjustment fordifferent heights of drums

         ■ This series machine appliance automaticallydetermine the empty bucket and empty the scale is not function filling function

         ■ The controller is configured with manualbutton all the action, when the accident for manual operation

         ■ dual-window display dedicated filling controlinstruments, displays the target volume, filling volume, number of buckets,date and time and other information

         ■ The controller can store 30 sets of workingparameter, when used only to call

         ■ all-digital tuning, anti-static and dynamicvibration disturbance Packages

         ■ Self-diagnostic capabilities controlapparatus, and a test function interfaces

         ■ In case of emergency press the emergency stopbutton to release the filling of this

         ■ The models are equipped with pneumaticcapper, foot switch

         ■ use one-button operation: Start - automatictare tip decline began filling - put the gun to complete

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