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Suzhou Vstar AutoWeighing Co., Ltd.
ADD: 55 Building, 7 Zone, Yangtai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou 215122, China
Tel: 0086-512-65001031
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Marketing Manager: Mr. Tom Wu
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Suzhou Vstar AutoWeighing Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial metering system equipment manufacturing enterprises. The company specializes in the research and development and manufacturing a variety of automatic metering equipment, and weighing control integration system. In particular, quantitative filling, weight sorting, batching control system is known. And we undertake design installation of weighing automation systems engineering , and accessories sales. Over the years performance has been in many areas throughout the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, building materials, metallurgy and so on. Our pursuit goals are stable-system, reliable, practical and excellent value. And we also focus on long-term technical services for customers’ individual needs.
liquid filling machine line we developed have received favorable responses from users at home and abroad as its stable performance, fine craftsmanship, precise measurement ; With the maturity of computer automatic batching control system and automatic sorting system technology , we ccould offer better service for our customers. In line with our long-standing habit  of tailor service for customers and good after-sales service. I believe that our efforts will get more appreciation from customers.

Company Chronicle:
2003: Weighing System department of Suzhou Industrial Park Yu Cheng Measurement and Control Equipment Co.,Ltd
2005: Establishing Suzhou Vstar Electrical Measuring Co,Ltd and moved to factory in Weixin road in Suzhou Industrial Park the same year.
2009: Renaming Suzhou Vstar AutoWeighing Co., Ltd and factory moved to Tongda road in Wuzhong district.
2016: Due to the expansion of production, the factory moved to 55 Building, 7 Zone, Yangtai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park.


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