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50L liquid filling machine || 75kg real stone paint in hot sale now

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50L liquid filling machine || 75kg real stone paint in hot sale now

Model: V5-100ZY

Suitable for:

Paints, solvents,fine fragrance, handling agents, curing agents, cleaning agents,tetrahydrofuran, adjuvants, resins, ethers, additives, diluents, alcohols, alkenes,Benzene, alkaline, ketones, chemical industry, food industry liquid material

Work process

A. the operatorput the empty bucket to the weighing platform, make the filling valve located abovethe mouth of the barrel;

B. the operatorpresses the [start] button;

C. Our quantitativefilling machine automated inspection qualified, automatically remove the tare,the valve and the bottom valve opens have quickly filling. When the weightreaches the small material, filling speed will reduce and then weight reach thetarget amount, second valve will fully closed, error detection and display;

D. the operator removed the heavy barrel from poundstation; put the lid, the machine automatically gland. A filling process iscompleted;

E. repeat stepsA-D, continuous filling.


System Overview

V5-100ZY realstone quantitative filling scale, use the bunghole filling mode, suitanle forordinary real stone paint, textured filling viscous materials. The uniquedesign means easy to operate filling head, filling fast and accurate; and toensure maximum perfusion completed residue drip. In operation, the operatorsimply by filling the barrel at the mouth just below the head, press the[Start] button, the system will automatically empty bucket automatic tare. Thenopen the filling head valve, precise two-speed filling; when the filling finish,the filling head valve automatically closes, manually launch pound bucket tablecover gland the whole process is completed.


The products canbe customized according to user needs.

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