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V5-30B Standard Submerged Type

Date:2014-05-28 16:58:55 Hits:671
V5-30B Standard Submerged Type

Suitable for quantitative filling of foam solvent, chemical industry and food

The system uses PLC, touch screen, safe and reliable

Filling nozzle and pipe use quick coupling, convenient for removing and washing

Automatic 2-shift filling with high accuracy

The filling nozzle automatically lifts when it is not inserted into a barrel

The nozzle automatically lifts when reaching the target filling amount

Gross or net filling mode is available

Be able to set and store 30 groups of formula for use

Free to set target filling amount in order to be convenient for different packing

Filling with one button, easy to operate (manual operation mode available)

Automatic balance exceeding alarm and material supply control

Double windows display filling quantity, barrel quantity, total quantity, etc.

Automatic identification of empty barrel weight range and no barrel no filling

Application Sites
·   Filling the 4~10L small cans
·   Filling each 18L can / 20L pail
·   Filling various containers such as P.E BOTTLE
·   The extra facility of the full automatic filling facility
·   Max. Capacity : 30kg
·   Division:10g
·   Filling Capacity : 10~30kg
·   Filling Accuracy : ≤ 0.1% 
·   Filling Speed : 120~240 Pail/hr
·   Up/Down Rang: 0-50mm(H)
·   Platform: 400X400mm
·   Roller Track: 400X1000mm
·   Barrel Dimension: ≤φ400×h500mm
·   Air Pressure : 0.4~0.8Mpa
·   Filling Valve:Material:SUS304/316
·   Power: AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz, 10A
·   Operating Temperature:-10°C to 40°C

Optional configuration:

feed pump,reflux valve, filter, gas-collecting hood, castor, capping machine

Customized type: 

nitrogen protection filling type, dedicated type for acid liquid, special type

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