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Tray filling machine, four drums filling machine

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The system features:
  • Four drums(Each weigh 50-200g) can be placed on the pallet together, operators make sure that the filling valve can insert into the bunghole and fill one by one, which is more convenient than one drum filling
  • The system is manufactured based on explosion-proof standard, Explosion-proof grade: EXdiaIIBT4;
  • Weighing displaying control instrument and weighing sensor both have explosion-proof certification;
  • The filling nozzle is connected with made-to-measure equipment, which can move freely and insert into the bunghole with the help of operators;
  • The filling nozzle inserts into the bunghole and fill, which can make sure that the filling material can’t spring and don’t affect the packaging;
  • Automatic 2-shift filling with high accuracy
  • Empty drum tolerance check and then automatically tare out
  • The filling target amount of single drum is reached, the filling valve will lift automatically and wait to work next time;
  • Finishing filling, it’s over for operators to move the barrels away from the scale bed;
  • Press “Stop” button can stop filling when emergent situation happens;
  • The filling nozzle won’t fill and will lift automatically if it is over the bunghole rather then below the bunghole;
  • The unique anti-drip equipment can prevent the filling material to dirty the barrel;
  • Once finishing filling, it’s over for operators to move the whole pallet away from the scale bed ;
  • Taking one-button operating way: Start—down the filling nozzle—tare out automatically—filling—lift the filling nozzle once finishing filling;
Product model: V5-1500B
  • Rocker style liquid filling scale is suitable for: pallet type quantitative filling for four drums(each drum:200L/t) 
Basic parameters:
  • Maximum capacity: 1500kg
  • Minimum capacity: 0.5kg
  • Filling range : 10-1000kg
  • Filling accuracy : ±0.2-0.3kg(based on feeding speed)
  • Power source :AC220/50Hz
  • Gas source : 0.8Mpa
  • Tempreture : -10℃-50℃
         VSTAR is a professional measurement automation system development, manufacturing of national high-tech enterprises. The company specializes in research and development, manufacturing a variety of automatic measurement equipment and weighing control integrated system. Especially in automatic quantitative filling, automatic check weighing, automatic batching control system. We undertake weighing automation system engineering design, manufacture, and installation.

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Tray filling machine, four drums filling machine
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