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Explosion-proof automatic filling machine

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Explosion-proof automatic filling machine

The product applies: automatic filling scale for 20-25L barrels of chemical products, oil, food raw materials such asquantitative filling

   V5-30A (E) four heads automaticliquid quantitative filling scale use liquid filling method for a variety ofnon-foam liquid material filling. The unique design of the filling Head is easyto operate and is fast and accurate, and maximizes the dripping of the residuewhen the perfusion is complete. Operation, the operator simply set the fillingweight, press the [Start] button, and then placed on the empty barrel conveyor.The filling machine will automatically empty the bucket in place and pushedinto the pound, and then automatically insert the filling head into the bucket,and the empty barrel automatically peeled after filling the filling valve,accurate filling. The filling head automatically raised to the barrel, theconveyor will automatically complete the filling barrel to send out, manuallyscrewed and placed on the tray that is completed.

    Explosion-proof automaticfilling machine selection: enterprises to buy explosion-proof automaticexplosion-proof filling machine, should use the explosion-proof qualificationof the production enterprise products, and now the market has a lot ofproduction of liquid filling machine manufacturers, some is no three products,Explosion-proof qualification of enterprises, but also with the user that theyhave explosion-proof certificate, so the need to buy the user, we must let theproduction enterprises to provide relevant qualifications, and then confirmthat is not to buy. Not because of the cheap price on the impulse to say tobuy, now cheap, followed by a series of problems.

   VSTAR is a professional measurement automation systemdevelopment, manufacturing of national high-tech enterprises. The companyspecializes in research and development, manufacturing a variety of automaticmeasurement equipment and weighing control integrated system. Especially inautomatic quantitative filling, automatic check weighing, automatic batchingcontrol system. We undertake weighing automation system engineering design,manufacture, and installation.

    Atpresent, enterprises have been granted dozens of utility model patents,including weighing, filling, inspection and other automatic control system. Weare one of the few leading manufacturers of top measurement automationequipment. Over the years the performance has been involved in chemical,pharmaceutical, food, electronics, building materials, metallurgy and manyother fields.

  We pursue the system stability,reliability, practical and superior cost-effective as the goal. And focus onthe user's personality needs and long-term technical services, access to manyusers of praise. Now users have been all over China's major cities in the northand south, some products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europeand the United States a number of countries.

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