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Hot selling model 200L || 200KG filling machine

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Hot selling model 200L || 200KG filling machine

Productsapplicable to: chemical, food, pharmaceutical raw materials and other non-foamliquid material quantitative filling

Single fillingmachine basic parameters:

      ◆Maximum weighing: 300kg

      ◆Minimum inductance: 0.1kg

      ◆filling range: 10-300kg

      ◆filling error: ≤ 0.1%

      ◆filling speed: 40-60 barrels / h (depending on flow rate)

      ◆Tip material: SUS304 stainless steel (optional SUS316L)

      ◆Applicable containers: ≤Ф600xh1000mm

      ◆Use power: AC220 / 50Hz( adjustable)

      ◆Use of gas source: 0.4-0.8Mpa

      ◆Operating temperature: -10 ℃ -50 ℃

      ◆Explosion-proof grade: none

      ◆Standard roller: empty bucket - 1m, weighing area - 700, heavy barrel - 1m

VSTAR is aprofessional measurement automation system development, manufacturing ofnational high-tech enterprises. The company specializes in research anddevelopment, manufacturing a variety of automatic measurement equipment andweighing control integrated system. Especially in automatic quantitativefilling, automatic check weighing, automatic batching control system. We alsoundertake weighing automation system engineering design, manufacture, andinstallation.

    Atpresent, enterprises have been granted dozens of utility model patents,including weighing, filling, inspection and other automatic control system. Weare one of the few leading manufacturers of top measurement automationequipment. Over the years the performance has been involved in chemical,pharmaceutical, food, electronics, building materials, metallurgy and manyother fields.

   Wepursue the system stability, reliability, practical and superior cost-effectiveas the goal. And focus on the user's personality needs and long-term technicalservices, access to many users of praise. Now users have been all over China'smajor cities in the north and south, some products have been exported toSoutheast Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States a number of countries.

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