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Weighing module VB1

Date:2014-05-27 09:44:25 Hits:1618

Weighing module  VB1

 Product model:VB1

Apply to reaction kettle,hopper scale,animal scale

Rated load A:0.5T,1T,2T,3T,

Rated load B:2.5T,5T 

Technical Specification

Construction: alloy steel

Rated output:3mv/v±0.25%

Comprehensive error:0.02% OF R.0

Repeatability: 0.02% OF R.0

Creep:0.02%(20min) OF R.0

Zero reset: 0.03%(20min) OF R.0

Zero shift:0.026% R.0/10℃

Temperature range: -10℃-+40℃

Permissible range:-20℃-+60℃

Zero balance:±1% OF R.0

Input impedance:390Ω±5Ω

Output impedance:350Ω±3Ω

Insulation impedance:>2000MΩ

Excitation voltage:10V

Maximum voltage:15V

Safe Overload:150%

Ultimate overload:200%

Optional configuration: footstand, balance shiftshim



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